A Year to Build: From Revelation to Reformation
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A Year to Build: From Revelation to Reformation

A Year to Build: From Revelation to Reformation

There is a higher level partnership coming between the prophetic and the apostolic. God is releasing forward momentum such that prophetic seeing and speaking translates into apostolic action for building. (See Jeremiah 1:9-10 and Isaiah 58:12)

In places where there’s been disorder and deterioration, stagnant growth and even desolation, God is calling His people to prophetically see the need and set their hands to the plow to develop systems, build structures, and create containers for hosting the fullness and sustaining the new. It’s an invitation to grow in revival glory toward societal reformation.

I heard the Lord say, “It’s time to shift from moments of prophetic revelation into movements of apostolic reformation.” In response to my asking how this would be accomplished, He said, “This forward momentum requires apostolic governance through the gift of administration.”

Prophetic and Apostolic Administration

God is increasing the level of apostolic creativity and strategic ingenuity for converting prophetic foresight into Kingdom increase. To accomplish this, God is bringing together prophetic revelation and apostolic reformation through the governmental gift of administration.

Here are a couple of definitions to broaden our understanding of the gift of administration:

Latin – Kubernesis – the gift of government to steward toward the vision; steering a ship
Greek – Oikonomia – oversight or management of a household or household affairs
Hebrew – Chokma – skill in war; wisdom for the handling of holy things

In this season, the Lord is highlighting Ephesians 1:8b-10.

“In all wisdom and insight He made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His kind intention which He purposed in Him with a view to an administration suitable to the fullness of the times, that is, the summing up of all things in Christ, things in the heavens and things on the earth.

The Fullness of Times

In reviewing church history, we find stretches of time in which each one of the 5-fold gifts has been highlighted by Holy Spirit within the Church. Each gift has been emphasized, developed, and built up within the church. We have now entered into in an Ephesians 1 “fullness of times” season where the church has been made ready for setting in place systems and structures that will allow for the full manifestation of Godly sons and daughters and the full expression of His Kingdom among us.

God is raising up “fullness of time facilitators” in this hour to accelerate that forward movement for accomplishing the strategic mission of reforming cities and nations. They think differently, partner more strategically and maneuver in new ways to bring forth the completion of prophetic promises within their appointed time.

Prophetic revelation is most useful when it goes through the process of interpretation and then moves into timely application. In the past season, many experienced delay in the fulfillment of prophetic promises, but God is revealing plans for apostolic action and setting in place administrations suitable for initiating forward momentum and breaking off delay!

Seers That Build, Builders That See

God is releasing a 1 Chronicles 12:32 Sons of Issachar anointing, to discern times and seasons, and devise and execute heaven’s actions plans. This will bring about the continual expansion of God’s kingdom and continual increase of His government—-not just in the church, but in every societal sphere.

God is raising up his Daniel Company in the earth. Men and women of unusual excellence and intelligence. They know the language of this age, understand the systems of this world, and are relatable and relevant. They are prophetic seers, prophetic dreamers, prophetic proclaimers, who are also equipped to lead governmentally to steer the course of cities and nations.

God is raising up Josephs in this hour, those who receive prophetic insight and strategies from heaven for mountaintop marketplace leadership, and managing the wealth of the world.

God is raising up Nehemiah’s in this day- those who know how to rebuild the broken down walls of our cities and nations and in God’s wisdom and compassion, address the injustices of our day.

God is raising up the master craftsmen and social architects of our day. Those filled with the Spirit of God as well as with all wisdom, knowledge and understanding to execute heavenly blueprints and implement Kingdom systems and structures, governments and economies so His Kingdom comes and His Will is done. God is raising up seers that build and builders that see.

As the Lord was speaking to me about the Daniels and Josephs for this hour, He said, “I am not just raising up Kingdom administrators, I am raising up Kingdom consultants.” I understood these to be prophetic-apostolic strategists with a teaching-pastoral gift mix to counsel leaders from the 7 mountains of influence.

The Dream that Defined the Times

The Lord was speaking this to me within the context of a dream given to my husband, Anthony. He saw a large building with a long hallway full of rooms. At the front of each room, standing together with prophets, were experts from different fields. They had books opened before them, charts and graphs and data on the white boards behind them. From all around the world, some of the best leaders from each field were coming to seek counsel, direction and strategy from these prophetic voices and Kingdom consultants into every one of the spheres of influence they represented.

The setup looked like a 7 mountains school of sorts, where in some rooms were gathered business leaders, in another scientists, in another government leaders, in another artists, and so forth. As Anthony walked down this hallway, he heard the word “collectives”. The Lord also showed him that everything taking place within these rooms was flowing out of continual worship and prayer taking place in an upper room. The Lord called this place, “My House of Presence.”

Many years later while I was away on a ministry trip for 5 nights, the Lord sent a prophet to me who said, when I got back home my husband would share some revelation the Lord had given to him, and it would be a confirmation of the time and season God is moving us into.

When I got home, Anthony tells me that over the past 5 nights, he had his 5-part prophetic house of presence dream all over again. As he begins to recount the dream, I knew, this is what the prophet spoke of. Anthony had the dream twice in seven years—7 being the number for completeness, perfection, fulfillment, fullness. The Lord was announcing that we are moving into the fullness of times!

A new prophetic company is being released to form the new wineskins of the Kingdom. Out of the place of presence worship, God is forming His collectives, coalitions of prophetic Kingdom solutionists, social reformers, marketplace prophets. They will not only proclaim what God is saying but in partnership with apostolic administration, will ignite forward movement for the reformation of entire systems, structures, cities, and nations to host the fullness of Christ and His Kingdom. These Kingdom consultants move beyond the realm of natural impossibilities to the realm of supernatural possibilities to address the most pressing issues of our day.

Let’s move beyond the blueprints and set insight into action. It’s time for the fullness; it’s time to build!

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