A Time for Change
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A Time for Change

On May 4th of this year I had an angelic encounter.  It’s not my first one, I’ve had numerous, but this one was quite different.  I had been sensing this angelic presence standing behind me the few weeks prior unlike what I’d usually sense.  I felt the angel lean up against the right side of my body as I was in a moment of worship and I then heard these words: I am one that carries change and I’ve been sent to assist you in the changes that are coming. This time is different because the changes to come are big and they require my assistance for a longer period of time. I’ve been the one to help you and your wife in every major change in your life and marriage. I have been allowed to speak to you this time so that you would know that this change isn’t only happening to you, but to many. Major change is happening for many and the Lord has sent assistance to them for the purpose of walking into change rightly.

I got the sense that all of the major changes that this angel was sent to assist in is to bring about the revealing of the true Sons and Daughters of God (Romans 8:19).  When I probed further, I heard the Lord say that this angel was sent to assist in these specific changes amongst the body:

A Change in Strategy:  Many are running with an old blueprint because their vantage point hasn’t changed for their new day.  The Lord is changing the strategy you will run with because He will elevate your perspective. As your perspective is brought higher, your thinking will become clearer and the blueprint to run with will make sense. There is a “Son’s of Issachar” (1 Chronicles 12:32) grace being given to those that have been crying out for strategy for the revelation they’ve received. They will know their time and season, and will know exactly how to execute in it.

A Change in Influence:  This has to do with the removal of familiarity (being common amongst your community) that some are plagued by.  Many are not viewed as the Lord views them within their local expressions, which has led to dishonor and rejection. The vail is being removed off of them and a change is coming to their level of influence within their local spheres.  The jealousy and misrepresentation that has kept them at by through negative talk and word curses is being removed and they will be seen for who they actually are and the authority they carry.

A Change of DNA: He is changing thinking, reasoning, thought processes.  The perception of self, with all of it’s self imposed limitations.  This change will be palpable by many because it will be accompanied by physical healing.

A Change of Function: What many label “transition” is being taken to another level. It won’t just be the change of a job or church family.  This change will involve nation changes, changes in denominations.  A big part of this change will be the Lord changing people from one career to another that they have zero experience in.  

A Change of Family:  The lonely are getting put into proper family.  The ones that feel like loners, like nobody sees them are being seen and adopted.  The spirit of adoption will grip mother and fathers like never before and a mass movement of spiritual adoption will sweep many orphan sons and daughters into healthy spiritual family.

A Change of Nation Alignments: There is a shifting in nations that align together. We shall see over the next year surprise alignments, nations that were once thought of as never being able to coexist, working together.  There is also an aligning of nations for the purposes of expanding the gospel.  Churches and para-church organizations will receive invitations to go into nations that they’ve tried to go into for years, but were either hesitant to let them in or the hostility towards the preaching of the gospel was extreme.  The doors will open and they will be brought in with both protection and influence to bring about divine Kingdom movement.

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  • Venetia Horton
    Posted at 10:18h, 30 December

    This is so exciting and lifts ones expectations. Thank you for sharing these profound words. Their importance will become more and more evident as the days progress.

  • Celina Adelaide Dowe
    Posted at 20:52h, 31 December

    So true- waiting to see where God will place me in 2024!