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A good cup of coffee beside my leather-bound Bible is my happy place, and Holy Spirit is my good friend. My goal in life is to live by His leading, doing what He asks and saying what He says. At first glance, I seem like a quiet, reserved, mild-mannered man. But once you get to know me, you’ll discover I’m full of joy and passion for life. I also love to tell stories, sharing the Word and wisdom of God in the context of every day life.


  I faced many challenges growing up in my tough Brooklyn neighborhood steeped in drugs, poverty, and gang violence. But the Lord lovingly redeemed my rough past, turning it into a joyful present and promising future. My journey with Jesus began at the age of 17. My mom met the Lord, her heart radically changed, and she immediately began to intercede for her family. Because of her persistent prayers, my father and brother gave their lives to Jesus. I, on the other hand, was the rebellious one, preferring the streets over the pew. Mom waged war on my behalf until one evening, the Lord visited me in my bedroom. Overwhelmed by His mercy and love, I surrendered my life to Him. That night, my eyes were opened to the unseen realm.  I began to see angels and demons, heavenly beings sent to help us, as well as the powers of hell sent to torment and oppress.


  Not knowing how to deal with what I was experiencing, and unaware of any resources to help me, I had to really depend on the Lord for guidance on all of this supernatural stuff. Holy Spirit began to teach me about what I was seeing and discerning, and most importantly, how to pray. He taught me in simple, straightforward ways, helping me to grow in Kingdom authority. I didn’t know it at the time, but Holy Spirit was revealing to me the realm of the prophetic. He truly is the best teacher!


  After serving as youth ministers for several years, my wife, Melissa, and I helped establish a church in Brooklyn. Although we didn’t have a high level of understanding on healing, miracles, deliverance, or prophecy, we found ourselves operating in these areas of supernatural ministry. Hungry to experience and release the ministry of Jesus in a greater way, we relocated to Dallas, Texas to attend Bible school while giving ourselves to prayer. Today, we thrive on equipping and activating others in revival lifestyles, and mentoring them in fulfilling their destiny.


  My understanding of Sonship and the Father Heart of God grew exponentially when we were blessed with our miracle son, Caleb.  Born with some heart defects, we almost lost our little man when he was only one month old. Through multiple medical interventions and persistent prayer, however, he was saved and miraculously healed. It was in the initial 18-day hospital stay for Caleb’s open heart surgery that the Holy Spirit began using my prophetic seer gifting in a whole new way.


  I started taking long walks throughout the neighborhood surrounding the hospital as a way to disconnect and decompress. It was on these long walks that I began to hear and see God speak to me through simple, everyday things that generally go unnoticed. This compelled me to pull out my iPhone and capture these moments, turning my stress relief walks into photo walks filled with prophetic encouragement. My love and skill for photography grew rapidly. My photos have received recognition, won contests, and are featured in various online platforms. Above all, God’s sharpening my spiritual vision, allowing me to discover the beauty in people and places all around me.


Sonship and The Father Heart of God

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The Simplicity of the Supernatural

Contemplative Prayer

Walking in Godly Wisdom

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