Buy Oil
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Buy Oil

(2/25/24, 7:45AM) I kept seeing a man in the spirit. He is standing in line to be anointed by a minister. The minister is full of oil (his body looked like an oil flask). The man is eager to get a spot of oil on his forehead (the tip of the ministers finger that had oil on it) from the minister that is full of oil. The man gets his touch and walks away, content with the oily spot on his head. He shows everyone his spot, tells everyone the words that were said when he was anointed. He then took some of the spot of oil on his head and puts it on another, attempting to anoint as the minister full of oil did. He never realized that his spot of oil was dry.

While the vision is pretty straight forward, I asked the Lord what I was seeing. He said “It’s the condition of many. Like in the story of the 10 virgins (Matthew 25) five of them only wanted a spot and the other five wanted to be filled with and carry their own oil. The “foolish” were content with being parrots and giving second hand revelation as their own, running on fumes of the words heard from another and  the impartation received from people full of oil. The spot of oil on their forehead distracted them from dryness of their oil jar.

The Lord is calling out and saying “Buy oil while there is time to acquire it.”The time of needing to tap into your oil reserves will come, but if there are no reserves You will look to other people and unhealthy things to fill your dry well.

God is raising up men and women that will teach the body of Christ not just how to buy oil, but how to keep it overflowing as well. Spiritual oil architects are moving to the forefront with great strategy and insight on how to dig for oil, how to discern where to find it and how to manage it once the well is struck.

HopeFires International
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