California: The Battleground State
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California: The Battleground State

I recently had to fly to California to attend some meetings. Much of California was covered by smoke from all of the forest fires and I was even able to see a few off in the distance. As the plane began making the descent into LAX, through the thick layer of smoke, the Lord allowed me to see what was going on within the smoke. There was a war going on over California within the smoke. I saw angels and demons (the demons appeared as dark figures with armor on) fighting over California. I could discern that the battle had begun this year (2020), but was very fierce because both sides knew how important it was to win. I could sense the heaviness over the state. It was a very tangible feeling.

Right after seeing this battle, I began to see people down below walking around in different parts of California. Everyone had a light bulb over their head, with a string attached to turn it on and off. Most light bulbs were off, but then one turned one, then another, and many others. Light bulbs were turning on everywhere I looked. The people were being illuminated to something.  

As the vision ended, I began to ask the Lord what He was showing me and what He was saying through this. He said that what I saw was the war for the state of California. In the spirit, there was a call to arms pronounced by both sides because they both saw the shift that was transpiring in the state. There was an awakening happening within the people of California (the light bulbs turning on over the people) and the enemy wanted to stop it, but God wanted to accelerate it. The enemy wanted to keep the people from being made aware of the reality of Jesus, but the Lord was coming against that and opening up a path for the King of Glory to be revealed in the state.

When I asked the Lord for some strategy for victory in the turning of the State, He responded “Pray that the church continues to receive and allow awakening to transpire because as they do so, I will cause them to walk with the vision of transformation in the state. The transformation in California will hinge on awakening to their true spiritual authority and an appeal to heaven for Godly governance in the state and houses of worship. Those that will lead the way will be the ones who have flipped the structures of what they do “for God” to be centered around team and community. These churches/ministries will be a sign of what the Lord is doing across the state.

A tactic that the enemy is trying to use against believers in the state is he is trying to get them to focus on and be hyper-aware of the heaviness that he is covering the state with. If they focus on the heaviness, they’ll be unaware of how His light is taking over darkness in the state.

California, it is time to hear the voice of the Lord with great intention. Do not focus so much on what you see because it will be used to distract you. There is great clarity in what He is saying over you. Hear and act.

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  • Gabriel
    Posted at 13:14h, 01 November

    Amen! Thank you so much for this. I live here in Pasadena, CA. What you saw and felt is very true.