Puerto Rico Report
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Puerto Rico Report

Puerto Rico Report

Many thanks to those who helped cover us in prayer as we carried out our assignment in Puerto Rico. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to minister together in the land where our parents were born! Throughout our trip, we got to enjoy time with precious family members while learning family history that’s informing our intercession and reconnecting us to our cultural roots and heritage.

Prayer Journey

As we journeyed in prayer, the island’s beauty and the people’s joyful resilience greatly impressed us, while the extensive hurricane damage and extreme poverty deeply grieved us. One beach town we visited looked like both an oasis and a war zone depending on which direction you faced. All throughout the island, we saw homes destroyed, schools closed, roads damaged, traffic signals out, and many are still without power or water. Along the way, we heard from and prayed for several people who shared heart-wrenching hurricane stories.

In our two weeks there, we weren’t able to make our way around the entire island in prayer, but our time and travels were certainly Spirit-led. As we drove deep into the mountains, walked streets in urban communities, and spent time along Puerto Rico’s shores, we could feel the spiritual atmosphere pregnant with God’s prophetic promises—ripe for release! We made several decrees concerning God’s destiny for this land and its people. Our favorite stop along our prayer journey was the original city gate in San Juan, where we invited the King of Glory to come in!

Although much witchcraft takes places throughout the mountains of Puerto Rico, Anthony had an open vision of the huge angels assigned to every mountaintop. We released these ready-to-go angels to carry out their Kingdom work. Throughout this mission, we felt like Joshua and Caleb going into the promised land filled with giants, but with vision for the milk, the honey, and the huge, juicy grapes!

Island-Wide Conference

The glory of God was lovingly and powerfully on display at the conference where we ministered. I (Melissa) shared a message colored with personal stories on worship as a weapon of spiritual warfare. The presence of God was tangible and accompanied by angelic activity. We provided personal prophetic ministry to many in attendance and many were healed of pain in their bodies and delivered from demonic oppression. 

The life of one pregnant teenager at the conference was completely changed! Her school teacher brought her, but as we transitioned into personal ministry time, demons began to manifest, driving her out to the church parking lot. We quickly took authority over her tormentors and led her in an encounter with the love and power of God. Many tears flowed as people saw her meet freedom and joyfully give her life to Jesus that day.

Praying With The Pioneers

Our Labor Day Monday was spent at a worship and prayer gathering on the grounds of the capitol building, followed by a prayer journey through Old San Juan. For 45 years, believers from across the island have come together on Labor Day to cry out to God for Puerto Rico from the capitol grounds. 

We wanted to honor and unite our voices with these spiritual fathers and mothers, governmental leaders, and those spearheading hurricane relief efforts to contend together for the prophetic destiny of Puerto Rico. We blessed and gave thanks for this group of Pentecostal pioneers, calling forth a new wineskin generation of Kingdom leaders who know God intimately and carry a spirit of revival!

While on the Capitol grounds, we also decreed a shift in the government and open doors to speak into that realm. It wasn’t too long before we received an answer to that prayer! The Lord connected us to an influential leader within the government, which we will be partnering with on future initiatives.

Next Steps

Our vision for Puerto Rico is societal transformation.  And our mandate is releasing the hope of Heaven to repair, rebuild, raise up, restore (Isaiah 58:12).

The Lord sent us there with much to give, but we also have much to learn about the island and its people. For this reason, we are especially grateful for the gracious leaders God’s using to help guide and open doors.

Since our return, we’ve been having follow up discussions with leaders throughout the island, strategizing on how we can work together to mobilize prayer, serve communities in need, and equip churches concerning their identity so they can rise up in their authority.

Talks have also begun stateside with some Kingdom consultants on transformation for developing sweeping, sustainable strategies to reclaim the island for the Kingdom.

We are eager to return to Puerto Rico to continue our assignment in prayer and start pioneering toward transformation! Stay tuned for future updates.

Prayer for Puerto Rico

Will you help us pray in God’s purposes for Puerto Rico? Here are some points and scriptures to get you started. Please pray:

  • People encounter the Father heart of God and come into true relationship with Him, dismantling of the stronghold of religion (John 17:3)
  • Revelation of identity, authority, and prophetic destiny in Christ, inspiring and empowering the people (Ephesians 1:17-19)
  • Wisdom and discernment for right alignments. Favor and open doors (1 Corinthians 3:8-10)
  • Kingdom-minded laborers and unity among the church (1 Corinthians 1:10)
  • Shifts in the government, righteous leadership, corruption exposed and uprooted (Daniel 2:21)
  • Creative strategies and resourcing for making multiple trips and providing assistance to communities in need (Jeremiah 10:12)
  • Americans compassionately turn to this part of the American people, praying and advocating for justice (Matthew 9:36)
  • Protection as hurricane season begins (Psalm 107:28-29)


Thank you again for your faithful intercession, loving encouragement, and financial support as we release the Kingdom of God throughout “La Isla Del Cordero” (The Island Of The Lamb).

We envision this assignment to Puerto Rico serving as a model for transformational ministry in other nations. And because of your partnership, every breakthrough and victory is equally yours!

HopeFires International
[email protected]
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