Prophetic Perspective for 2019
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Prophetic Perspective for 2019

Prophetic Perspective for 2019

By Anthony and Melissa Medina

For several years, Anthony and I have been members of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (ACPE) and the Global Prophetic Council (GPC).  This network of U.S. and global prophets led by Cindy Jacobs convenes each year in Dallas, TX to release prophetic words we’ve received and together seek the Lord for further insight and strategy for the new year. A compilation of all of our prophetic words is released by Cindy Jacobs at the start of the New Year. In this article, you’ll find the prophetic words Anthony and I contributed to the ACPE roundtable gathering. Included are prophetic words on the following themes:

A Year To Build: From Revelation to Reformation

My House of Presence

Out of Obscurity And Into Purpose

Hollywood Arises

Latin America and The Caribbean

The Minstry of Reconciliation

Transference of Spiritual Inheritance

Women Are My Weapon

A Year To Build: From Revelation to Reformation


There is a higher level partnership coming between the prophetic and the apostolic. God is releasing forward momentum such that prophetic seeing and speaking translates into apostolic action for building. (See Jeremiah 1:9-10 and Isaiah 58:12)

In places where there’s been disorder and deterioration, stagnant growth and even desolation, God is calling His people to prophetically see the need and set their hands to the plow to develop systems, build structures, and create containers for hosting the fullness and sustaining the new. It’s an invitation to grow in revival glory toward societal reformation.

I heard the Lord say, “It’s time to shift from moments of prophetic revelation into movements of apostolic reformation.” In response to my asking how this would be accomplished, He said, “This forward momentum requires apostolic governance through the gift of administration.”

Prophetic and Apostolic Administration

God is increasing the level of apostolic creativity and strategic ingenuity for converting prophetic foresight into Kingdom increase. To accomplish this, God is bringing together prophetic revelation and apostolic reformation through the governmental gift of administration.

Here are a couple of definitions to broaden our understanding of the gift of administration:

    • Latin – Kubernesis – the gift of government to steward toward the vision; steering a ship
    • Greek – Oikonomia – oversight or management of a household or household affairs
    • Hebrew – Chokma -skill in war; wisdom for the handling of holy things

In this season, the Lord is highlighting Ephesians 1:8b-10.

In all wisdom and insight He made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His  kind intention which He purposed in Him with a view to an administration suitable to the  fullness of the times, that is, the summing up of all things in Christ, things in the heavens  and things on the earth.

The Fullness of Times

In reviewing church history, we find stretches of time in which each one of the 5-fold gifts has been highlighted by Holy Spirit within the Church. Each gift has been emphasized, developed, and built up within the church. We have now entered into in an Ephesians 1 “fullness of times” season where the church has been made ready for setting in place systems and structures that will allow for the full manifestation of Godly sons and daughters and the full expression of His Kingdom among us.

God is raising up “fullness of time facilitators” in this hour to accelerate that forward movement for accomplishing the strategic mission of reforming cities and nations. They think differently, partner more strategically and maneuver in new ways to bring forth the completion of prophetic promises within their appointed time.

Prophetic revelation is most useful when it goes through the process of interpretation and then moves into timely application. In the past season, many experienced delay in the fulfillment of prophetic promises, but God is revealing plans for apostolic action and setting in place administrations suitable for initiating forward momentum and breaking off delay!

Seers That Build, Builders That See

God is releasing a 1 Chronicles 12:32 Sons of Issachar anointing, to discern times and seasons, and devise and execute heaven’s actions plans. This will bring about the continual expansion of God’s kingdom and continual increase of His government—-not just in the church, but in every societal sphere.

God is raising up his Daniel Companyin the earth. Men and women of unusual excellence and intelligence. They know the language of this age, understand the systems of this world, and are relatable and relevant. They are prophetic seers, prophetic dreamers, prophetic proclaimers, who are also equipped to lead governmentally to steer the course of cities and nations.

God is raising up Josephs in this hour, those who receive prophetic insight and strategies from heaven for mountaintop marketplace leadership, and managing the wealth of the world.

God is raising up Nehemiah’sin this day- those who know how to rebuild the broken down walls of our cities and nations and in God’s wisdom and compassion, address the injustices of our day.

God is raising up the master craftsmen and social architects of our day.Those filled with the Spirit of God as well as with all wisdom, knowledge and understanding to execute heavenly blueprints and implement Kingdom systems and structures, governments and economies so His Kingdom comes and His Will is done. God is raising up seers that build and builders that see.

As the Lord was speaking to me about the Daniels and Josephs for this hour, He said, “I am not just raising up Kingdom administrators, I am raising up Kingdom consultants.” I understood these to be prophetic-apostolic strategists with a teaching-pastoral gift mix to counsel leaders from the 7 mountains of influence.

The Dream that Defined the Times

The Lord was speaking this to me within the context of a dream given to my husband, Anthony. He saw a large building with a long hallway full of rooms. At the front of each room, standing together with prophets were experts from different fields. They had books opened before them, charts and graphs and data on the whiteboards behind them. From all around the world, some of the best leaders from each field were coming to seek counsel, direction and strategy from these prophetic voices and Kingdom consultants into every one of the spheres of influence they represented.

The setup looked like a 7 mountains school of sorts, where in some rooms were gathered business leaders, in another scientists, in another government leaders, in another artists, and so forth. As Anthony walked down this hallway, he heard the word “collectives”. The Lord also showed him that everything taking place within these rooms was flowing out of continual worship and prayer taking place in an upper room. The Lord called this place, “My House of Presence.”

Many years later while I was away on a ministry trip for 5 nights, the Lord sent a prophet to me who said, when I got back home my husband would share some revelation the Lord had given to him, and it would be a confirmation of the time and season God is moving us into.

When I got home, Anthony tells me that over the past 5 nights, he had his 5-part prophetic house of presence dream all over again. As he begins to recount the dream, I knew, this is what the prophet spoke of. Anthony had the dream twice in seven years—7 being the number for completeness, perfection, fulfillment, fullness. The Lord was announcing that we are moving into the fullness of times! 

A new prophetic company is being released to form the new wineskins of the Kingdom. Out of the place of presence worship, God is forming His collectives, coalitions of prophetic Kingdom solutionists, social reformers, marketplace prophets. They will not only proclaim what God is saying but in partnership with apostolic administration, will ignite forward movement for the reformation of entire systems, structures, cities, and nations to host the fullness of Christ and His Kingdom. These Kingdom consultants move beyond the realm of natural impossibilities to the realm of supernatural possibilities to address the most pressing issues of our day.

Let’s move beyond the blueprints and set insight into action. It’s time for the fullness; it’s time to build!


House of Presence Dream


( I, Anthony, first had this dream in 2004 then again in 2012, each time spreading out over 5 consecutive nights. I feel it’s a dream for the season we are in and connects to the words “A Year To Build: From Revelation to Reformation” and “From Obscurity Into Purpose”.)

I drove up onto a large plot of land with a large white two-story house on it. I could see there were lights were on throughout the house. All across the grass around the house, there were many parked cars. I parked my car and walked into the house through a door which led me into the basement and directly into a recording studio. The rooms had glass walls so I could see right through to what they were doing).  There was someone in the recording booth singing and someone at the mixing board tracking (recording). 

I came in and sat on a sofa that was right outside of the control room. After a while of sitting there and worshipping along to the music that was being made, I got up and walked down a long hallway.  There were rooms along both sides of the hall with classes going on in each room. Textbooks and training manuals were opened on the tables.  Whiteboards were filled with key concepts and diagrams. In each of these rooms were prophets working in tandem with cream of the crop leaders from every sphere of influence. In one room, there was a high-level movie producer teaching other producers, in another, a top business executive teaching other executives.  In another, a high-level banker teaching other bankers, in another, a top government official and prophet teaching other officials. 

Each room along this hall had a class going on in it, and each class was geared toward a different sphere of influence.  As I walked and observed, the Lord began to say, “These are My collectives.” These are people that are at the top of their field, teaching others in their field that are younger and older, that are almost at their same level, but they are teaching how to be Kingdom minded and function from a Kingdom perspective and operate out of prophetic revelation in that field. 

Then the voice said, “I have formed these collectives because there will come a time where the world will look for people like this but will find not find any in the universities.  They will come here looking for them because they know that the people here are the best in their field and that they are of a different spirit.” 

After that, I walked back over to the couch by the recording studio and laid down.  I then began to hear the sound of worship and prayer coming from the first floor of the home (I was in the basement and never went up to the first floor).  The voice once again spoke and said, “This is my house of presence. Everything that goes on down here is being fueled by the worship and prayer going on up there.  This is My presence house.”  As the voice stopped speaking, the music studio was filled with the glory of God.


Out of Obscurity And Into Purpose


I heard the phrase “Out of obscurity and into purpose,” and then I went into a vision. I saw the Lord as the head banker at a large bank on Main Street. The purpose of this bank was to hand out micro loans to those that visited the branch.  Many of the ones that visited this branch had first gone to all of the “big box” banks, but were denied loans to fulfill their dreams. The Lord’s bank on Main Street required no experience or credentials in order to receive a loan, just a dream and the passion to pursue it.  

In the vision, the “big box” banks represent the large traditional churches, doing things in standard form. The Lord’s bank on Main Street represents smaller groups of people not held up or tied down by the red tape of programs and traditions. These believers are not necessarily leaving or disconnecting from larger churches, but they are actively connecting within covenantal communities and finding the freedom to walk in their identity and withdraw from their heavenly bank accounts for the purpose of fulfilling their God-given dreams. They’ve been storing up for themselves treasures in heaven that cannot be stolen and never rust, decay or lose their value. (Matthew 6:20) And now, these seekers are coming out of obscurity and into purpose.

Covenantal Collectives

In these season, God is calling us to join together in simple unions of the spiritually hungry who share one common purpose and goal: to encounter God and expand the Kingdom. These small communities don’t possess aspirations to become or replace the mega church. Their aspirations are on mirroring the Book of Acts Church. They are coming together in humility and transparency to engage in prayer, study the word, eat together, and share of what they own. They are holding one another accountable to live in the presence and walk in power. (Acts 2:33-37, 41-47)  

These covenantal collectives are responding to the Lord’s invitation to live out Jeremiah 33:3, “Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” In their seeking and calling upon Him from a deep place of longing and devotion, and there, encountering more Him and entering into new levels of revelation.

Renewing Prophetic Trumpets

I then began to see these simple churches maturing into regional prophetic communities. They started popping up as golden lanterns all across the United States and beyond. These relational prophetic communities are being formed for unity, accountability, releasing the testimony of Jesus, and the cultivating of the Spirit of prophecy. 

I further discerned much of the leadership within these collectives to be relationally-hungry millennials intentional about honoring and involving prophetic mothers and fathers in the faith. Their seasoned wisdom and guidance is highly valued and they are playing a big role in helping to steward the hearts and destinies of younger prophets.

The Lord also showed me that in the same manner in which a trumpet player needs to clean and oil his trumpet in order for it to function properly and at optimum levels, Holy Spirit is moving among these covenantal communities to clean out the gunk that’s accumulated in the hearts of these prophets over time has been due to rejection, negative judgments and warfare in past seasons.  As He cleans and purges, He is pouring the oil of His presence and increasing their capacity for love—to abide in and live out of the place of perfect, fearless love. “There is renewal coming to My prophetic trumpets. There sound will be heard loud and clear. I will use them to summon and gather the church in the place of My presence.”

But You have exalted my horn like that of the wild ox; I have been anointed with fresh oil. (Psalm 92:10 NASB)

Moving From Obscurity Into Purpose:

  • Do you feel heavy-hearted in this season? Spend time each day in worship. Let His Word of truth and His healing love wash over you, dispel rejection, cast out fear, restore hope, and set your heart at peace. Let your trumpet be renewed!
  • Open your eyes to see whom has God brought into your life in this season. Whom may the Lord want you to draw closer to? Which covenantal community He is calling you into? What other shifts could God be bringing you into?  (new assignments, geographic moves, etc.)
  • To navigate transition well, fully surrender it all to Him daily and let yourself be led by His Spirit every step of the way. He will show you what is for you and when to take hold of it.  “Your own ears will hear him. Right behind you a voice will say, “This is the way you should go,” whether to the right or to the left.” (Isaiah 30:21)
  • It’s time to dream again! Invite Holy Spirit to awaken dreams gone dormant. Revisit old journal entries. Pull out those old plans. Come to Him over and over again, each time withdrawing from the Lord’s bank what you need for the fulfillment of your dreams. 


Hollywood Arises and My Stars Shine


The generals of Hollywood are coming in for the win. Their losing streak has ended.  As a sign of the shift, I see the faithful believers in Hollywood rising into prominent roles behind the scenes, and also placed in prominent roles on the big screens. Their influence will become widespread and their message will gain traction quickly. These “Moravians” of the industry will see the fruit of their secret labor.

The “stars” of Hollywood will pale in comparison to the glory of God’s stars coming to the forefront. I have prepared a company of Esther’s (which means star) as voices of virtue to the entertainment industry. Film and television producers are creating heaven-inspired content to communicates Kingdom messages. Actors and actresses are rising up as Kingdom messengers who trumpet my truth.  My Esther’s, my stars in the arts and entertainment industry will arise as mothers to this nation. Media is a mother; as children watch it and listen, it births ideas, it nurtures, it instructs, cultivating character and molding minds.  My stars will mother this nation through media. Let the stars be set in their places! Let the mothers in media rise!


Latin America, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico


God is birthing the dreamers in Latin America and the Caribbean. Holy Spirit is brooding over dormant dreamers.  They are being breathed upon by the Spirit of God to carry into the natural the Supernatural dreams of God to transform their cities and countries. The change agents and reformers are moving into the public eye because of the dreams they’ve received from the Lord.

I saw a world map and it was zoomed in to Central America, South America and the Caribbean. I then saw a hand appear on the map and pin a document on every Latin American nation. The document said “reform” on it. At this moment in time, we’ve barely entered into the prophetic window 500-year anniversary of The Reformation which has yet to but now will sweep through Latin America.

In my vision, after the documents were pinned, the map zoomed into Puerto Rico. On the island of Puerto Rico appeared a baseball stadium that had the Yankees and Red Sox playing in the World Series (not possible in the natural because they are in the same division). The winner of the series got the island as their trophy. I believe the Red Sox represent the enemy and the Yankees are the home team (the Kingdom and also the United States).

War is being waged in the spirit realm and in the natural over this gem of the Caribbean. Puerto Rico’s strategic location as “the door to the Caribbean” and as “the door to the New World” provides a gateway for the King of Glory to enter in and establish a prototype for the establishment of His government through the reign of Jesus in every sphere of society.

This black sheep “state” of America will emerge as a white, clean, purified bride. Truly this place will be known around the world by their motto: “La Isla Del Cordero” (“The Island of The Lamb”). As Puerto Rico is being restored, it is being groomed and positioned for revival and reformation. As personal homes are being restored, the temples of My Spirit are being restored as well.

I head the Lord say, “My people must be made ready!  My people must be made ready! Humility and repentance will make way for revival and reformation manifest through a great increase in the people’s sense of self-worth and a great increase in the island’s economic net worth. Hidden riches will be hidden no longer! The “state” of Puerto Rico will shift.

Then I saw the island of Puerto Rico set ablaze with flames of fire. Tongues of fire began to break off and move west from Puerto Rico, setting ablaze the other Caribbean Islands (Dominican Republic, Cuba, etc.) From there the flames continued Northwest to Florida and the east coast of the United States. 

The flames also traveled southwest toward Central and Latin America. God is raising up revivalists from within the island and sending revivalists to the island.  They will partner strategically to prepare the way for the King of Glory to enter in and do a clean sweep, sweep, sweep!


The Ministry of Reconciliation


The book of Philemon coming to the forefront as the Lord moves in to mend long-time broken relationships. Relationships that the enemy crept in on and severed are going to be restored because those people are meant to further the Kingdom together.

The Lord is in the process of restoring prodigal relationships. A prodigal is a person who spends or has spent, his or her money or substance with wasteful extravagance; a spendthrift. This points to those who have not properly stewarded and therefore, have wasted away their relational equity with what were intended to be key Kingdom connections.

For some, these fractured relationships have caused deep hurts, hindering some Kingdom assignments. For others, that fractured relationship has caused spiritual abortions of assignments and victories. But in this season, the Father is calling His children to be reconciled to one another. He is releasing the courage to come home and the grace to forgive.

“Perhaps you could think of it this way: he was separated from you for a short time so that you could have him back forever. So welcome him no longer as a slave, but more than that, as a dearly loved brother. And if he has stolen anything from you or owes you anything, just place it on my account. May the unconditional love of the Lord Jesus, the Anointed One, be with your spirit!” (Philemon 1:15-16a, 18, 25)


Transference of Spiritual Inheritance


I heard the Lord say, “I am releasing the Spirit of Elijah in the earth in great measure! You are about to see the emergence of a generation filled with fiery spiritual zeal to say, “where is the God of Elijah! Where is the God of the generals who passed or are about to graduate? I want to take up their mantles and do greater things!”

There is an awakening of hunger and a deepening determination taking place within these Elisha’s. They’ll draw in close. They’re eager to serve. They’ll sit to listen. They’re willing to linger. Many have been hidden during their initial season of preparation, but now they emerge and glory carriers for this generation and I will amplify their voices.

“For this is the year of a great transfer of wealth among the generations. But it is not what you would think. I am orchestrating a great transfer of spiritual inheritance from one generation to the next.  And from another generation to the next. I am a multi-generation God, extending blessings even unto the 3rd and 4th generation. Spiritual fathers and mothers are passing mantles on to sons and daughters. The hastening of this work will happen in this year because the next generation is needed to pluck up, break down, destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant, and quickly advance my Kingdom (Jeremiah 29:10).

Spiritual fathers and mothers are being awakened to the cry of a generation being warred over.  With the revelation and heart conviction of Deborah, leaders in all spheres of influence will begin to awaken to the condition of this generation and say, “I arise a mother (or father) in my nation”.  They will not allow others to spiritually father or mother their children. In love and faith, they will take responsibility for the stewardship and transfer of their spiritual inheritance.

Spiritual fathers and mothers will not only open up their hearts to nurture and raise up these next-generation leaders, but they will open up their homes as well. A new wineskin for training and mentorship is coming into place where Fathers and mothers will draw their spiritual children in very close. Even as Jesus had had His 12 disciples, the gatherings of the 12 will erupt in the earth and a multiplication of anointings and giftings will take place.

Look to the transfer of spiritual inheritance within my priesthood. At the ordination of each new high priest, the garments of the current priest were passed on to the new priest and fresh anointing oil was poured upon the head, which flowed down and soaked these priestly garments. Every high priest carried the aroma of all the previous high priest, along with his own, resulting in a saturation of generations and a multiplied fragrance of anointings.  As I orchestrate this great transference of spiritual inheritance, you will experience a multiplication of power from this synergy of the generations resulting in greater power to release signs and wonders and prophesy and develop strategies and build structures for establishing my Kingdom.


Women are My Weapon


The past year was declared “the year of the woman” as great numbers of women rose up as vocal activists in the socio-political realm, and a historically high number of women ran for public office. “There is a war over who will mother this generation,” says the Lord, but I am raising up my Deboras! I am awakening a company of women who will not ignore the sound of the generation. They will hear the cries of their children and say, “I will not allow another to mother my children. I will arise a mother in my city and nation! I will bring up my children, our children, in the nurture and admonition of the Lord! ” For the prophetic voice of the woman is being released in every sphere of influence throughout the earth to take out the giants of our day.

Toward the end of 2017, I had a dream in which I could see various women in all their different occupations. A mom with her baby. A teacher in a classroom.  A scientist with a microscope.  A governmental leader in a diplomatic meeting. And on and on. 

Then I began to see each woman once again except, her surroundings had disappeared. What remained from the first scene is whatever work surface was immediately in front of each woman in the first scene, representing her occupation (baby changing table for mom, the desk for the teacher, the counter with the microscope for the scientist, the podium for the governmental leader, etc.). But now, on top of each work surface in front of each woman, there was a group of stones carefully placed there by the hand of the Lord.

There were no walls around these women so their place of influence now extended into an open field filled with wheat. With head high, chest out and a look of determination on each woman’s face, they took up their stones and made their way out into the field, joining many other women making their way there. I then heard the Lord say, “women are my weapon for defeating the giants of our day.”

Reminiscent of David’s 5 smooth stones used to take out Goliath, women are being given stones of divine strategy to take out the giants of our day. I see these stones representing God’s instructions through his apostle Paul for the restoration of the role of women in his day. For there is a Titus 2 revolution taking place where older women will teach younger women how to love, how to war and how to bring peace and order to the chaos operating within households and within high places of public influence. Integrity is becoming more visible. Virtue is being restored. 2019 is the year of God’s woman!

Even as the revelation of my ekklesia, a governing legislative assembly, is rising in the earth once again, women will arise and legislate in our day. The woman’s voice of virtue will be heard in every sphere of influence, but especially in the sphere of government.  I am raising up a Deborah—a judge—to the highest court in America.  She will administer My justice out of my heart of love for this nation and this generation.

Righteous women are also awakening to the revelation that to be a governmental leader is to mother. To be a teacher is to mother. To be a journalist is to mother. As we mold minds and shape character among a generation, eyes are opening to see that the responsibility is great, the assignment is weighty, and the approach must be intentional for contending against the spirit of this age.


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