Renewing Willingness
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Renewing Willingness

January 2014…

Cindy Jacobs gives me a powerful prophetic word. Only problem with it was that I didn’t believe it because it revolved around a place I had come out of and said I’d never go back to. After the meeting, I messaged her and asked if she had heard that we were moving. Her response: No, that’s not what I heard, but one must always be willing.” That phrase..”One must ALWAYS be willing” hit me like a ton of bricks. It is a phrase that would lead me into much repentance, healing and freedom to be who He’s called me to be and do what He’s called me to do.

There is a renewing of willingness coming on many in this hour. It’s an invitation to walk with the Lord, quite frankly, into things that you deem hard. If you choose to follow His invitation into a greater willingness to follow Him, it will be the death of you because it will touch your pet idols. Being willing will mean saying no to many things and yes to uncomfortable things. Being willing will mean allowing things to fall to the ground and die so that they can bear much fruit.

  • Are you willing to obey Him at any cost?
  • Are you willing to allow desires to die so that He can give you better ones?
  • Are you willing to review your life for areas of unwillingness to follow Him so that you can move forward WITH Him as opposed to without him?

Your willingness to Him will transform your life and the one’s of those around you. One must always be willing…..are you?

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