Spiritual Inheritance
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Spiritual Inheritance

Spiritual Inheritance

Those from among you will rebuild the ancient ruins; You will raise up the age-old foundations; And you will be called the repairer of the breach, The restorer of the streets in which to dwell. (Isaiah 58:12)

The nation of Israel was under great oppression and in need of a deliverer. While the lives of male children we’re being taken, the life of Moses was spared and set apart to fulfill God’s plan for Israel’s freedom and victory. A Hebrew raised in the palace of an Egyptian King, there came a day when Moses was sent back to his own people. He returned to his homeland armed with a revelation of His identity, purpose and authority in God, along with faith for the supernatural. He was a prepared prophetic voice shouting, “Let my people go!” Reflecting on the life of Moses, I can draw some parallels regarding our preparation for and current call to our people.

Anthony and I are both of Puerto Rican decent. Although born and raised in New York City, summer family vacations consisted of trips to Puerto Rico. Most of our time in the caribbean paradise was spent with family; enjoying the food, music, smiles, and surroundings familiar to our parents. Reaching adulthood, however, Puerto Rico became a distant memory for Anthony and me, especially after our relocation to Dallas, Texas in 2005. Similar to Moses in the palace, through our time in Dallas, the Lord aligned us with apostolic and prophetic leaders who’ve helped shape and prepare us for the calling of God upon our lives.

Fast forward to 2011. During a conference in Dallas, Cindy Jacobs, a well respected prophet (and our spiritual mom) gave us a very short and direct prophetic word: “I’m sending you to Puerto Rico! You will preach in Puerto Rico!” Anthony and I received the Word, but felt it was a promise we’d see fulfilled in a more distant future.

The following year, my dad started battling a life-threatening illness. He felt he should “get his things in order” and asked my mom, my siblings and me about the plot of land in Puerto Rico he had inherited from his father. We’d never developed the land and at the time we had no desire or vision for it. So we all agreed for the land to be sold to pay off my dad’s mounting medical debt.

In 2013, while working for Dutch Sheets, an apostle of prayer for America, we received a prophetic word about an apostolic and prophetic alignment coming to Puerto Rico. In a vision, the words “Puerto Rico” became “Powerful Revival.” A dream spoke of a mandate to mobilize prayer throughout all of America—including Puerto Rico—as a way to hold back a demonic assignment concerning Russia. This prophetic revelation certainly stirred my heart, but the season for us to step into it all had not yet come.

Shortly after my dad graduated into heaven in 2014, I began to feel something new stirring in my heart. There was a deep longing to reconnect to my cultural roots. I grieved not visiting Puerto Rico in my adulthood or maintaining relationship with family there. I felt sad Anthony and I had never been there as a family; our son had never seen it. I could feel my heart growing in love for Puerto Rico but didn’t know how to move forward with what I was experiencing.

Then last year, Hurricane Maria then devastated this island I had been loving from a distance. My heart broke over the suffering and destruction. I grieved over lives lost, and over hope lost among the living. We prayed, we gave and we encouraged the people with prophetic promises of God’s plan for restoration and revival. And still, in our hearts, there remained a desire to do so much more.

In the spring of 2018 I received a phone call from my mom that provoked something deep within me. “I’ve closed on the sale of the land in Puerto Rico,” she said. My heart sunk! I ended the call pretty quickly and began weeping before the Lord, repenting for not having valued our land and our heritage. Why hadn’t I intervened to take the land off the market? I am well aware that with land ownership comes authority over that territory. So in the moment, I felt I had forfeited my inheritance in Puerto Rico. This weighed heavily on my heart, and I asked, “Father, will you restore our spiritual inheritance in Puerto Rico?”

Just two weeks later, while sitting in a Mother’s Day church service, the Lord addressed the longings of my heart. Here’s a portion of the prophetic Word released through our guest speaker that day:

You’re going to teach people how to not only break through, but actually take their place and walk in a place of authority in what they’ve contended for in the reality. I hear, the faithfulness of what you have done in the secret place is going to be highlighted in the natural. Get ready for open doors, get ready for increase because the Lord says, He’s put you in places, in high places.

I saw “Miss Puerto Rico” over you. I saw a crown and I saw a sash, and I heard the Lord say, He has positioned you for His people. He has called you to the Puerto Rican people. You are not Puerto Rican by accident. That blood goes through your veins because you are called to that people group. And the Lords says, you are going to prophesy destiny to the Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico but also those that are in America.

And I heard the Lord say, you are going to call them into their destiny because your voice is going to be known among the Puerto Rican people. I saw a crown on your head, but I saw the title which meant authority, placement, position, so to speak. I heard the Lord say, He’s put you in position for this time in your life. So Lord, we bless her. We thank You for the calling. We thank You for the destiny. We thank You for the heritage and what she is going to release, in Jesus’ Name.

The Lord was letting us know that land ownership or not, we still have an inheritance in Puerto Rico, and He is releasing us into it! We have given the Lord our yes, and with Him, we’ve been dreaming of visiting Puerto Rico often to raise up an Isaiah 58:12 ministry of restoration and reformation. We seek to serve the people, mobilize prayer, and strengthen the church.

In future articles we’ll share more of what the Lord’s been speaking to us prophetically about Puerto Rico, the partnerships He’s been setting in place, and how you can get involved. In the meantime, we covet your prayers and financial support as we begin this new adventure!

We are called to the nations and sense this assignment to Puerto Rico could become a prototype for revival and reformation in regions around the world!

Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance, And the very ends of the earth as Your possession. (Psalm 2:8)


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  • Bernadette Falcon-Lopez
    Posted at 06:44h, 10 August

    Praise the Lord Melissa,
    I can definitely see this mandate over both yours and Anthony’s life. I will cover you both I know it will be in no time at all that you will both be prophesying over our people in Puerto Rico. I also want to thank both you and Anthony for helping me understand my prophetic giftings and pouring into me so many years ago. It was because of Anthony’s explanation of how to identify heavenly wars and your teachings that I have been able to grow and search and desire to continue learning.

    God bless you both,