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I was praying recently started seeing the state of Texas on a map, but instead of it saying Texas on the map, it said Lone Star (Texas is known as the Lone Star State). What was interesting was that the states and country that surrounded Texas were pushed away from its borders, causing Texas to stand alone on the map.

At first, I thought this was a good thing, but then I asked the Lord what it was that I was seeing and He said “Texas pride has gone far enough. It has pushed others away that should be close and it has chosen to run as a lone star instead of in a unified front.”

I was then taken back to the map I originally saw. This time it said Texas instead of lone star. It was connected to the land around it and the state now had part of a zipper over it. The zipper went from Texas, through Oklahoma, and into Kansas.

When I asked what I was seeing I heard “no more will it be a lone star, but a burning and shining lamp of unity and synergy amongst those around it.” Texas will become a model for collaboration, team ministry, Kingdom connection, and community building.” 

The zipper that I saw was the linking of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. I couldn’t discern exactly what it was, but there is a call for these three states to link arms and run together. I also got the sense that the three states working together would serve to join together two sides of the country that are far apart, first spiritually, then in the natural.

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