The Jochebeds: A Company of Women Who Will Deliver Nations
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The Jochebeds: A Company of Women Who Will Deliver Nations

The Jochebeds: A Company of Women Who Will Deliver Nations

The Lord has really been highlighting to me a particular woman in the Old Testament named Jochebed. “Who is Jochebed?” you may ask. Well, she is the Mother of Moses. Jochebed is only mentioned twice by name in the Bible (Exodus 6:20 and Numbers 26:59). To some, it would seem because of the lack of mention and attention that she did not have some “grand Kingdom call” other than delivering Moses. This is not true.

“Jehovah Is Her Glory”

Jochebed’s name means “glory of Jehovah” or “Jehovah is (her or our) glory.” This woman, who is not even named in Exodus 2, was marked with glory from on high. She was clothed in great destiny and carried freedom in her womb. She gave birth to Moses, the deliverer, and hid him until the time of his revealing. This act was so powerful that it lands Jochebed (even though it does not mention her by name) in the Hall of Faith (Hebrews 11:23).

How does a woman who is only mentioned by name twice in Scripture, for the sake of genealogies, land in the Hall of Faith? It is because of what she carried.

A Company of Jochebeds

The Lord spoke to me very deeply through the story of Jochebed and said that He was raising up a company of Jochebeds in this hour. This is a company of women who:

• Carry God well. These women are excellent stewards of the presence of God in their lives. They love the Lord deeply, dialog with Him daily, and worship Him lavishly. The Lord has kissed their lives with the “glory of Jehovah,” and they are known by who they are, not what they say. They walk with great spiritual authority due to their intimacy.

• Allow God to carry them well. Their level of dependence on the Lord is at a high level. They know that if Jehovah isn’t their glory, then fulfilling purpose is difficult. These women allow the Lord to carry them, their burdens, victories and losses because their personal history with the Lord has seared into them that His yoke is easy and His burden light (Matthew 11:30).

• Carry deliverance and birth deliverers. Jochebed had the DNA of a deliverer herself and when she came together with her husband Amram, Moses the deliverer was conceived.

In this hour, the Lord says that He is raising up a company of women with the heart and character of Jochebed. They will carry the glory of the Lord, live in transparency with the Lord, and also be deliverers who birth deliverers. They will do great exploits for the Kingdom and have great impact doing the work of the ministry, but their biggest impact will be how they raise up and release deliverers into the four corners of the earth.

These literal “mothers of nations” will receive wisdom, revelation and strategy from Heaven on how to raise up these sons and daughters being sent to them. Sons and daughters will be molded into deliverers of nations by these Jochebeds.

     One of the marks of these Jochebed types is that they will see the seed of a deliverer in those deemed most unlikely to thrive or succeed. These mothers will care for and instruct them in the same manner that Jochebed cared for Moses for three months before he was sent down the stream towards destiny. They will be used to “deliver the deliverers.” These mothers will love the shame, guilt and unbelief right out of these sons and daughters, leaving pure shells that are ready to be filled with glory.

Daughters are transitioning to mothers who will deliver deliverers who will be sent into the nations of the earth to proclaim the Word of the Lord!

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