Word Over Indiana
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Word Over Indiana

I woke up this morning seeing the state of Indiana on a map.  As I looked at it I saw walls come down around it’s boarders. I then heard the Lord say: Indiana, for too long you have been a go between for nefarious dealings, but I am closing the boarders to the darkness that crosses through it.  I am causing an uncommon wind to blow over Indiana to refresh it’s weary intercessors and prophets because many have stood for so long and feel like they have not seen the fruit of their standing.  The refreshing will restore personal awakening and will bring with it the strategy needed to open it’s boarders to the King of Glory.

I then began to see a motherboard from a computer. I saw a piece of DDR Ram (memory) in it that was being replaced with something much faster (I used to build PC’s, so I am familiar with the components).  When I asked the Lord why he replaced the memory, He said that He needed to get the DDR out of Indiana in order for it to step into it’s fullness.  When I asked what DDR was, He said: Depression, Doubt and Religion.  He said these were the three greatest enemies of the church in Indiana and He would cut the memories of what allowed these things to take such deep root within the state and it’s people and upgrade it with His thoughts concerning it.

After this I heard a line from the Beatles song Come Together: “Come together, right now, over Me.”  He said that He was calling the church of Indiana to unify once again.  I felt sadness after I heard this and when I asked why I felt this way, He said it was what He felt over the division of the church in the state. He said, I used to be better, but My gifts, because they were filtered through religion, brought about more division.  I then heard the Lord say “I will show a handful the way forward in Indiana.  It will be the same vision of unity and restoration. They must come together over Me and call the church to wholeness, together.  I saw state-wide gatherings happening all across the state that were tied together, calling out to God together.  These gatherings and their synergy caused a shift in the dynamic of the state.  

The last thing I heard was a question:  “Indiana, would you give George Otis Jr. something to document?”

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