You are a Gift to the Body
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You are a Gift to the Body

You are a Gift to the Body

I’d like to say something.  None of us “ministry types” have cornered the market on the voice of God.  None of us have a revelation that trumps everyone else’s.  I love how the New Living Translation puts it: “Now our knowledge is partial and incomplete, and even the gift of prophecy reveals only part of the whole picture.” (1 Corinthians 13:9). We only have parts of the whole, not the whole.

But I have a question: Why do we do often act like we have the whole pie and everyone else has none???

Guess what?  I am uniquely made and am a gift to the body of Christ.  Wanna know something else?  So are you, and you, and you….  We all are unique in our gifts, talents, abilities, and viewpoints.  Those things make us all invaluable gifts to the body of Christ.  When we lay off the striving and competition and come together, all of our parts make a whole and a beautiful tapestry of God’s voice and intentions is revealed.

There are more than enough people desperate for real answers on this earth to fill every church.  Why fight over a few, thus neglecting the masses? There are more than enough believers that hunger for deeper knowledge, understanding, and experience in the things of the Kingdom to keep every “ministry professional” busy with schools, seminars, and training for the rest of their days.  Plenty of people need to be revived, need a breakthrough, healing, and deliverance, enough to busy every “revivalist” 52 weeks a year.

Yet, here we are, 2019, and we are still writing slander posts about our brother/sister in ministry and calling it “concern for the flock.”  We are still calling other leaders behind the scenes and telling them not to invite “so and so” to speak at their event because we are secretly afraid that they’ll take our spot.

What spot???

Nobody can take your spot.  You are seated with Christ.  Let’s be satisfied with that.  Let’s cheer our fellow ministers on.  Let’s embrace the fact that we are all gifts to the body simply because we are part of it, part of the whole.

Let’s embrace real fellowship with the saints and see real reformation and revival happen.

One more thing:  I am highly encouraged by the heart and humility of the up and coming leaders and voices in the body.  They desire unity and family over notoriety, and for the body as a whole, that’s something to get excited about!

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