Young Adults: Coming out of Hiding
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Young Adults: Coming out of Hiding

My family and I recently spent a few days at Moravian Falls, NC.  We had a great bonfire and thankfulness time at the foot of the falls one evening when someone from the other side of the falls begins calling out to get our attention. 

Enter Jonathan……

A young man named Jonathan, who was staying in the cabin on the opposite side of the falls, asked if he could come around to our side. I obliged and he came around.  He said that he was practicing hearing the voice of God on His Jesus retreat there at the cabin and felt like he had a word for me.  He gives me the word and I thank him, but ask if I could pray for him in return.

As I began to pray for him, the Lord give me a download of his recent history, what he’s walked through and where he was going.  I release what I was allowed to and the Holy Spirit touches him deeply.  The Lord then showed me a vision of him.  In the vision he was in a room that was full of young adults and they were there in unified prayer and worship.  They were all red hot for Jesus. But, as time went on, they began to grow cold and leave the room. It came to a point where Jonathan was the only one left in the room praying and worshipping.  I then heard the Lord say “thank him for staying in the room and tell him the he is one that will get other young adults back in the room.”  I said those words to him and he related that it was something that had actually happened to him and the young adults group he was in.  

That evening as I prayed and thought about my encounter with Jonathan, I heard the Lord whisper to me “the ones that stayed in the room are coming out and they are going to turn it all upside down.”

As I’ve processed this all in the month since that trip and encounter with Jonathan, the Lord has shown me the great importance of calling out those young adults that are currently hidden. They’ve stayed in the prayer rooms, worshipping and praying, fasting and meditating, weeping and travailing, all while their peers have grown cold and left.  The Lord is calling them out of those hidden places because they are instrumental in the turning of tide of young adults falling away.  

These young adults that the Lord is brining onto the scene right now are Ephesians 6 young adults.  They are strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. (Eph. 6:10). They have clothed themselves in the full armor of God (Eph. 6:11-17).  They pray, especially in the spirit and are on spiritual alert (Eph. 6:18).  They pray for leaders, those in media and those that lead churches and ministries, for wisdom and boldness to do what is right (Eph. 6:19).

There are already signs of these young adults appearing all across our social media feeds.  They are being voices for the righteousness and justice of God on the earth, in the midst of chaos, all with great boldness and without fear. But, there are more still hidden.  The Lord is inviting us as a corporate body to pray earnestly that these hidden ones that are marked for now would come out of those hidden places and be the Kingdom demonstrators that they have been formed to be.  

I invite you to ask the Lord to highlight to you who it is you need to pray for to come out and be a voice.  Yes, this can be a general prayer for young adults, but I really sense that He is going to show many specific people that they need to intercede for.  Will you join in calling them forth? The Lord’s intent is to use these young adults to infect their generation with something worth dying for, Jesus.

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